Please fill out our Boarding Form below if your pet is boarding with us at Western Veterinary Hospital.

Please read carefully

I, the undersigned owner or designated agent, of the above-listed pet hereby authorize Western Veterinary Hospital, (hereinafter “WVH”) to board my pet during the dates listed above. I also hereby authorize WVH to perform the Services indicated on the accompanying Boarding Information Sheet (BIS) while my pet is boarding.

Vaccinations & Parasite Control

All animals entering the hospital must be current on core vaccinations as well as have a negative fecal test as outlined on the accompanying BIS. If not, the patient will be examined and vaccinated at the owner’s expense. All animals must also be free of external parasites or they will be treated at the owner’s expense.

I understand and accept that upon admission, each guest will be flea combed and evaluated for fleas or flea dirt. If fleas or flea dirt are found, my pet will be treated with Capstar and NexGard (for dogs) or Capstar and Advantage II (for cats) at my expense.

I understand that my pet must be current and up to date with the core vaccinations as outlined on the BIS, and authorize WVH to administer any required vaccinations to my pet if necessary during the duration of their stay. I also understand that this service may result in an exam being necessary, and I agree to accept full financial responsibility for any additional charges for necessary vaccinations and services. I also understand that if my canine companion has been vaccinated for Bordetella less than 1 week prior to boarding, but I elect to board him/her anyway, I will not hold WVH responsible if he/she develops Bordetellosis (kennel cough).

The only exception to this requirement regarding my pet being fully vaccinated will be if my pet has a specific medical condition that would prevent them from safely being vaccinated, in which case it will have been pre-approved by the doctors at WVH, to accept my companion, knowing this in advance. Understanding the risks involved with boarding an unvaccinated animal, I willfully declare and agree to release WVH of any and all liability and responsibility should my pet contract a condition that could have been prevented with a vaccination, as I made the decision to board my companion with WVH knowing they accommodate other animals in the same area as my unvaccinated pet will be housed in.

While WVH is requiring all boarded animals to take the same precautions to minimize the risk of cross-contamination and the spreading of contagions while they are being boarded, I understand that this possibility and risk are always going to be present, and I assume responsibility for choosing to board my animal at WVH, thus releasing WVH of liability should my pet become sick or ill while in their care.BAF Page 1

WVH understands that many animals develop stress-induced diarrhea while they are being boarded and away from home. It is because of this that WVH offers a safe and effective non-prescription treatment that will help clear up minor cases of diarrhea without the use of prescription medications. By initialing on this line, I am giving WVH my consent to treat my companion with their veterinarian-approved method of treatment in order to correct this condition in my animal should he/she develop diarrhea, and my authorization to apply the charge for the medication to my pets boarding bill. I also understand that should my companion have a more extensive case of diarrhea that needs additional treatment or prescription medications, those additional services and fees will apply.

Medical Treatment Permission & Authorization

I authorize the veterinarians of WVH to perform any necessary services should an emergency situation arise, including sedation as required in order to stabilize my pet until I (or my emergency contact) can be reached.

I understand that the medical staff of WVH will attempt to contact me to authorize the treatment of incidental ailments such as ear infections, which may occur during my companion’s stay. I am aware that additional charges including doctor exam fees and medications will apply.

General Boarding Authorization

While WVH will do its best to take care of my pet’s personal belonging (such as toys), I understand that these items may become lost, damaged, or destroyed during my pet’s stay, and it is with that understanding that I agree and accept that WVH is not responsible for mishaps with or the loss of personal items.

I also understand and acknowledge that the Hospital is not staffed 24 hours a day.

I accept full financial responsibility for the boarding fees for my pet as well as any charges for services or treatments as outlined and selected on the Boarding Information Sheet as well as any medical treatments needed by my pet. I also understand that payment in full is expected at the time of discharge when I come to pick up my pet.

If I do not pick up my pet within five (5) days of the scheduled pick-up date, WVH will assume the animal is abandoned. If the animal is abandoned, WVH is authorized to remedy the abandonment as prescribed by law. I further understand that abandonment DOES NOT release me of my financial obligation for services rendered, fees associated with abandonment, collection action, and/or legal services.

Boarding Information Sheet

(Dogs with dogs and cats with cats only) Dogs 55 lbs or more, cannot be kenneled together.

General Pet Health Questions

WVH has a spacious grassy yard for our canine guests to enjoy that is enclosed with a 6 foot high wooden privacy fence. Please understand that “off leash” access to our yard will still be under the supervision of one of our staff members, and is permitted at our discretion for the safety and wellbeing of our guests.


Belongings Brought with Pet: Please label ALL items.

If you would like to bring your own blankets and beds for your companion, WVH cannot be held responsible if they are damaged or destroyed. You may bring along 2 toys for your pet to enjoy while they are staying with us. Please choose carefully –as WVH is not responsible for any items destroyed or lost while in our care.
Unless space is available in the large dog runs, any dog under 25 lbs, will be charged the large dog price for boarding in a run instead of a kennel.

We appreciate that you have entrusted us with the care of your companion during your absence. To ensure the safest environment for all guests and patients staying at our facility we have set the following guidelines:

1. We are only able to accept Canine and Feline guests for boarding.

2. Dogs must be current (for their age) on vaccinations for Rabies, Distemper, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus & Bordetella (Bordetella given at least 1week prior to boarding)

3. Cats must be current on vaccinations for Rabies, Rhinotracheitis, Calici, Chlamydia Psittaci, Leukemia & Panleukopenia.

4. All dogs must have had a negative fecal test done within 6 months of being boarded.

5. Upon admission, all guests must be free of ticks, fleas, and flea dirt or we will treat them accordingly at the owner’s expense.

As a courtesy to you, we offer weekend and holiday pickups. Our pickup times are 7:30 am and 6:00 pm. Please let us know when you drop off if you think that this is something that you will be needing.

Should you happen to get back from your trip early and would like to pick up your fur babies on a weekend or holiday, please call or text 325-812-3941 and let Amber know so that she can notify the boarding tech to expect you at either 7:30 am or 6 pm.

We do not make special trips up for pickups, the hospital is closed, so please adhere to these times.

Thank you and enjoy your time away as we certainly enjoy your babies!!!

The Boarding Staff of Western Veterinary Hospital, PLLC

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