The Friendliest Dog Breeds

When adding a new furry four-legged family member it is important to consider personality. What are you looking for to fit in with your living situation? This article will go over some of the friendliest dog breeds.

What Makes a Dog Breed ‘Friendly’

Dogs have been bred to have certain characteristics based on their role. Many dogs that have more direct interaction with humans have been bred by selecting characteristics such as being social, easy to train, and not overly aggressive. These dog breeds demonstrate those characteristics. In no particular order, we present 5 breeds that are among the friendliest dog breeds.

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador retriever is a descendant of the Newfoundland retriever. Bred to be a hunting dogs, they excel at social tasks and are often seen working as guide dogs, rescue dogs, and even work as therapy dogs. These dogs are friendly dogs that love their humans and are a wonderful addition to the family.


Bred to be a water dog are one of the more intelligent breeds so they will need to be stimulated to keep from being bored. They have a coat that rarely sheds and is considered hypoallergenic. If your biggest issue with them is the signature poodle haircut let me assure you that it is not a requirement. The traditional poodle cut was because as a water dog, their hair was cut to keep the joints warm and reduce hair elsewhere to help them in the water. A smart, loving old breed of dog that is a friendly and wonderful addition to the home.


A dog that was bred to be a hunting dog, pack nature makes them ideal for joining a family. Don’t let the small size fool you, they are high-energy and will require a lot of exercise. This little loveable rascal would love to join your home.


Boxers were originally bred to be guard dogs and the trait hasn’t left. Their desire to protect and care for their family is still there making them social and caring for their family. Extra training will be needed to curb their habit of jumping up on people but the extra work is well worth it for this lovable muscle-bound dog.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This dog was bred with the specific goal of it being a companion dog. If you want a small dog to sit with you on the couch and cuddle this is the breed for you.

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